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Le politiche di contenimento dei migranti minacciano la risposta al Covid-19.

Xenocles was not a man to stand waiting at an open door, especially in the house of his future son-in-law. He followed close behind, but while crossing the peristyle he started at the sound of a blow, and distinctly heard the words:Polycles signed to Lycon to seat himself behind the bema, where he was concealed from every one; then he himself stepped forward, apparently as calm as when moving among the guests in front of his house.Un articolo del British Medical Journal, del 26 marzo 2020, che sottolinea come le politiche di contenimento dei migranti indeboliscono la risposta al Covid-19.

L'Associazione Medici Contro la Tortura


Argall's ship, the captured ship of La Saussaye, and another smaller vessel, were at once equipped and despatched on their errand of havoc. Argall commanded; and Biard, with Quentin and several others of the prisoners, were embarked with him. They shaped their course first for Mount Desert. Here they landed, levelled La Saussaye's unfinished defences, cut down the French cross, and planted one of their own in its place. Next they sought out the island of St. Croix, seized a quantity of salt, and razed to the ground all that remained of the dilapidated buildings of De Monts. They crossed the Bay of Fundy to Port Royal, guided, says Biard, by an Indian chief,an improbable assertion, since the natives of these coasts hated the English as much as they loved the French, and now well knew the designs of the former. The unfortunate settlement was tenantless. Biencourt, with some of his men, was on a visit to neighboring bands of Indians, while the rest were reaping in the fields on the river, two leagues above the fort. Succor from Poutrincourt had arrived during the summer. The magazines were by no means empty, and there were cattle, horses, and hogs in adjacent fields and enclosures. Exulting at their good fortune, Argall's men butchered or carried off the animals, ransacked the buildings, plundered them even to the locks and bolts of the doors, and then laid the whole in ashes; "and may it please the Lord," adds the pious Biard, "that the sins therein committed may likewise have been consumed in that burning."Lassociazione di volontariato Medici Contro la Tortura offre assistenza e cura alle vittime di tortura e di trattamenti crudeli, inumani e degradanti provenienti da qualsiasi paese del mondo.

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Contro la tortura

A faint smile flitted over Ninus pallid features.Dubois d'AvaugourIn oltre 100 Paesi al mondo viene praticata la tortura. Tre quarti della popolazione mondiale vive sotto governi che la praticano. Un rifugiato su quattro stato torturato.

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intimates that the removing from power of the company, toLe persone che si rivolgono a Medici Contro la Tortura sono accolte da quipes di cui fanno parte medici, psicologi, assistenti sociali e mediatori culturali.

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